Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beckham goes American Football

In anticipation of David Beckham's arrival in the US to play for MLS team LA Galaxy, Adidas is launching an advertising campaign this week featuring Beckham and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush swapping sports during practice in "Futbol vs. Football."

“Since I signed with the Galaxy, you know every time I do an interview, I’m trying to get myself to say soccer because I’ve always said football,” Beckham told Bush during their meeting in Madrid where the two world-class athletes traded sports for a day.

“And when you think about our sport we call football, it would seem like [soccer] would be the sport you actually call football because you’re kicking it with your foot, so it makes sense,” said Bush. “We call [American football] football, but we actually throw it a lot more than we kick it.”

Beckham and Bush showed off their athletic skills and challenged each other to tackle their respective sports. Beckham attempted a record-breaking field goal with Bush as his placeholder and Bush attempted to “Bend it like Beckham” as he practiced free kicks. Never before seen footage of this meeting will be available for viewing at (Note site does not appear to be up and working yet!)

Source: adidas

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At 2:37 pm, Blogger peiyi said...

haha! becks once again multi-tasked! i watched part of the video on sportscentre, and he's quite good in it! he has got the moves and he zoomed past the NFL star! and scored a touchdown. WOOHOO!

At 9:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's one out now where Bush takes down Becks. Its hilarious.


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