Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beckham - I proved Capello wrong

David Beckham feels Fabio Capello was wrong to doubt his commitment to Real Madrid, and is thankful his manager changed his mind towards the end of the season.

Capello announced in January that Beckham would never play for Real again, after the midfielder agreed a deal to move to Los Angeles Galaxy in the summer.

However, Beckham battled back into the side and helped Real clinch the Spanish title with a number of impressive performances.

"I convinced Capello the same way I've always come back from things that have been said about me," the News of the World quotes Beckham as saying in his farewell interview as a Real player.

"When someone says I'm not up to the job or like when he said I would never play for Madrid again, I thought it's up to me now to prove that I am professional.

"But Capello has shown what kind of man and manager he is the way he's come out and said sometimes you have to go back on your word. I was thankful he'd done that because thinking I'd never play for Madrid again was hurting me a lot."

Although he respects Capello for making bold decisions, Beckham claims his manager did not apologise for dropping him.

He explained: "He never came to me and said 'sorry David, I was wrong'.

"Without a doubt he's a strong-minded person, who is respected throughout football. He admitted he wanted me to come back into the team and I'm thankful for that.

"I would never come out and publicly criticise him because I respect him."

Source: Sky Sports

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