Saturday, August 18, 2007

Donovan cedes armband to Beckham

When David Beckham took the field Wednesday night, making his first start in a LA Galaxy jersey, he had one very distinguishing accessory to his uniform. It wasn't a new haircut or a new tattoo -- he was wearing the captain's armband.

All season long Landon Donovan had been the Galaxy's captain, but earlier in the week had decided to hand the honor over to his new teammate.

"I'm not stupid and I'm not naïve. (Beckham) is someone who's been a captain for England, one of the better teams in the world," said Donovan. "For me it's not as important to wear the armband. I'm going to play the same way and act the same way towards guys whether I have that or not. For me I think it made him immediately a part of the team in a real sense."

The decision to make Beckham captain was Donovan's. It wasn't a case of head coach Frank Yallop deciding there needed to be a change. It was a choice made between two teammates, and the Galaxy manager had nothing but praise for both of his players about the move.

"Landon and David had a discussion Monday or Tuesday. I basically left it up to Landon," said Yallop. "He felt David was the captain and he wanted him to have that role. You've got to tip your hat to Landon. David obviously accepted it and did very well with it."

The move also helped integrate Beckham into the team. In addition to leading through his play on the field Wednesday night, he was also a vocal leader as well. From his arrival, there has always been a level of respect in the locker room between Beckham and the rest of the Galaxy, even more so between he and Donovan. Both have captained their respective national teams, which made Beckham almost reluctant to accept the offer.

"I'm very honored that (Donovan) felt the need to give me the armband and the fact that it would lift the players and the team," said Beckham. "Hopefully it will do that. (Donovan's) a great player; one of the best in this country and one of the best in this league. Like I said, I was honored to receive the armband from him."

Donovan was impressed himself with the way Beckham handled the situation. According to him, it's the best move for the club.

"He was polite and said 'I'm fine not wearing it. If I do wear it I'd be happy to do it. I don't want to step on your toes or anybody's toes,'" said Donovan about Beckham. "He was a great leader and I think he's going to be."

Source: LA Galaxy

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At 1:28 pm, Blogger Paulsworld said...

Well I'm back up and running - broadband activated this morning! :o)

I don't get why Landon Donovan felt the need to hand over the captaincy? You don't have to be a celebrity footballer to be a captain. I know David will be a great captain but I'm sure Donovan was too.

At 4:48 pm, Blogger peiyi said...

i'm not sure if it's going the way of celebrity limelight or media pressure, but since beck's arrival, i think ALOT of things in LA G. has changed.
i mean, doesnt the other players feel the tinge of jealousy and feel like killing becks or smth? i wonder how the ex-capt feels when becks took over as capt. =S


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