Tuesday, August 14, 2007

LA Galaxy wait on Beckham injury

Los Angeles Galaxy are awaiting an update on David Beckham's ankle problem before deciding if he will play in Wednesday's SuperLiga semi-final.

The 32-year-old England midfielder has been restricted to only 37 minutes on the pitch since joining the Galaxy.

He missed Sunday's game against New England Revolution and there are concerns that the long flight back to LA may have caused his ankle to swell.

A statement on whether he will face DC United is expected later on Tuesday.

After the SuperLiga match, the Galaxy next face a trip to New York to face the Red Bulls on Saturday.

The Red Bulls, who attracted a crowd of 12,103 in their last game, have sold 55,000 tickets for the Major League Soccer encounter against the Galaxy - with Beckham the main attraction.

However, despite Beckham's continuing absence, MLS officials are confident the fans will be patient.

"I think everyone is arriving at the stadium well aware of his injury and well aware of the possibility that he's not able to get in that game," said MLS spokesman Will Kuhns.

"In the realm of sports injuries he hasn't been out very long and there have been a couple of promising signs that it won't be long until he comes back.

"So I don't sense any worry that there is a problem. Interest hasn't waned yet and it has been overwhelming up to now. Let's hope it continues."

Source: BBCi

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At 10:27 pm, Blogger King_Kolo said...

awww another game, poor guy I'm sure he wants to play really bad. I wouldn't be suprise if they sit him out this Wednesday to play him at the New York game for a few mins.


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