Friday, October 26, 2007

No England return for Becks

David Beckham's hopes of reaching a century of England caps look to be dwindling after it was revealed that a loan move to England, in a bid to boost his fitness and provide him with competitive first-team football, 'is simply not going to happen.'

Beckham’s club LA Galaxy have failed to reach the MLS play-offs, meaning an extended break, but Ivan Gazidis, the deputy commissioner of MLS, has ruled out a return to The Premier League for the former England skipper, who currently has 97 caps.

"It's never been discussed and it’s simply not going to happen," Gazidis told The Times. "It's not a practical possibility given the way the transfer windows work in conjunction with the FIFA rules."

"It would require us loaning him out from January until July at a minimum. That's not going to happen. He’s going to be playing in the MLS season next year [beginning in March.]"

Beckham's debut season in American was met with unprecedented hype, but a series of injuries restricted him to just six hours of football.

Although things have gone far from smoothly for the ex-Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder, Gazidis is adamant that the move has, and will prove to be an unqualified success.

He said: "It certainly wasn’t what we had hoped, but we didn't expect that the popularity and interest in David would be as high as it turned out to be.

"Overall the experience was so positive for the league, the LA Galaxy and for David. The whole thing will be terrific over a five-year period."

Source: Setanta Sport

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At 6:29 am, Blogger Rooney Magic said...

So he's going to wait till March to play again? Man that sucks!

At 6:54 pm, Blogger Paulsworld said...

I was kinda hoping he would come back and play for United like Larsson did. Guess not!! :o(

At 3:40 pm, Anonymous Livewyre said...

bit of wishful thinking I guess, the Hollywood match is hardly going to do his case any favours either. Shame he wasn't available for the Russian game, we might not have needed him for Croatia.. I would have him on the squad anyhow... What's McClaren got to lose???


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