Monday, November 19, 2007

David Beckham eyes 2010 World Cup

England midfielder David Beckham is reportedly planning to play for England in the 2010 World Cup.

The LA Galaxy star has apparently admitted he has no plans to quit international football as he prepares to make his 99th appearance against Croatia on Wednesday.

He said: "I want to play in the next World Cup. That is a big goal for me and an enormous challenge.

"I believe I can do it. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it."

"I won't retire. I will always make myself available for my country. That hasn't changed."

The former England skipper said the number of caps he has had for his country means nothing in comparison to his country qualifying for Euro 2008.

He added: "I would rather be stuck on 99 caps and England qualify, than win 100 caps and we don't make it."

Source: ITN

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At 12:55 pm, Anonymous filippo said...

Beckham Forever

At 1:54 am, Anonymous Jeff S. said...

They'll win.

At 6:26 pm, Anonymous fanbeckham said...

we love david beckham very much


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