Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Match Report: England 2 - 3 Croatia

England 2 - 3 Croatia
UEFA Euro 2008 Group E Qualification

England: Carson, Richards, Campbell, Lescott, Bridge, Wright-Phillips (Beckham 46), Gerrard, Barry (Defoe 46), Lampard, Joe Cole (Bent 80), Crouch.
Subs Not Used: James, Ashley Cole, Brown, Hargreaves.

Goals: Lampard 56 pen, Crouch 65.

Croatia: Pletikosa, Corluka, Simic, Robert Kovac , Simunic, Srna, Modric, Nico Kovac, Kranjcar (Pranjic 75), Olic (Rakitic 84), Eduardo (Petric 69).
Subs Not Used: Runje, Babic, Knezevic, Leko.

Booked: Robert Kovac, Eduardo.
Goals: Kranjcar 8, Olic 14, Petric 77.

Attendance: 88,091.

Referee: Peter Frojdfeldt (Sweden).

Read the full match report on the BBCi website

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At 11:08 pm, Anonymous billy bob said...

England are total choke artistes. It's always amusing to hear amnesiac English fans and journalists forever ridiculing New Zealand's rugby team, when they should keep quiet when reflecting upon their own dismal results in the code of football they actually care about. It's pathetic and humiliating. Seriously - has England won anything since the introduction of colour TV? Maybe they should start poaching more Canadians into their national team.

At 11:12 pm, Blogger Paulsworld said...

Well what can I say. We got what we deserved. England's play was appalling and the lifeline handed to us by Israel was just plain wasted. Only Peter Crouch and Beckham played well - but two players amongst a team without ambition won't win anything.

I hate to say I told myself but I have always thought McClaren was a total waste of space - as I have often said on here before. There is no alternative - if he doesn't resign (which he has said he won't) then he should be sacked - England fans expect nothing less.

So we are out of Euro 2008. I was lookin' forward to a possible trip to Austria but that's not gonna happen now. Very disappointed!!

At 11:48 pm, Blogger Georg said...

usually England often used to qualify eventhough they showed rather disappointing gameplay during qualifications. And usually they were punished afterwards by dropping rather early in the KO-rounds.

Thist time the punishment came earlier, yet it was deserved. After all, England might face a serious problem soon: There are hardly any mentionable British players kickin' outside England, and the top clubs of the Premier League just deliver 4 national players while the rest servers for "middle class" clubs. Additionally the percentage of foreign players in the British top league is extremely high, making it also harder for the young'sters. Maybe England will face an Austrian fate (that we are currently tryin to turn), although on a higher level of course, but drifting into results far below the expectancies.

At 3:34 am, Blogger peiyi said...

they totally blew their chances. i mean come on. they just needed to win/draw. not lose. the chances of qualifying is reasonable and achievable. but it's just not enough. ohwell. McClaren has proven nothing as the england head coach and i think an early replacement would be most suitable now.

At 6:59 am, Blogger Rooney Magic said...

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At 7:01 am, Blogger Rooney Magic said...

It's McClaren who choses the players and puts the tactics. So it's mainly his fault.

To start with Scott Carson is a bad idea. I'd take David James over him and Paul Robinson in this match.

To start with Barry and Wright-Phillips instead of Beckham and the other striker (Bent or Defoe) is a joke!

Lescott and Campbell were another big slow joke. Carragher and Brown are much better than both of them!

Wayne Bridge is like lots of others, a 2nd of 3rd level footballer. He doesn't even deserve to play for Chelsea..

So it's the defense line the cost us the match.

Add to that the manager's role to tell the players to lower the tempo after scoring the second goal. We could of moved the ball around to win some possession.

McClaren's stupid choices cost us the match today. Sack the bastard and get Mourinho!

At 7:54 pm, Blogger Paulsworld said...

Ding Dong! The witch is dead!

At 8:05 pm, Blogger Karen Scott said...

I blame the FA. Brian Barwick and his stooges couldn't pick a decent head coach if his life depended on it.


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