Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Indiana Beckham in new advert

His three-year-old son Cruz favours Batman suits, now David Beckham has taken his turn playing an action hero.

The 32-year-old sports a rugged look inspired by Indiana Jones, complete with fedora and brown leather jacket, for a new campaign for Pepsi.

He teams up with six of the world's biggest football stars for the multimillion-pound advertisment, including Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho, Cesc Fabregas, Lionel Messi and Frank Lampard.

The dream team kick the ball around a series of exotic locations, ending up on a remote beach called 'Nowhere'.

The ad promotes a new social networking website 'Youniverse' that allows users to set up their own profile and compare their interests with the sporting champions.

Other celebrities, including musicians, are expected to be added to the site, which has been created as part of a drive to reach young consumers

Source: London Evening Standard

Interesting to note though that Becks is soon replaced by Fabregas in the Indy role! A sign of things to come?

Video has been removed from YouTube so will post it when available again.

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