Monday, September 22, 2008

David Beckham Calendar 2009

The David Beckham calendar for 2009 has had some content leaked. The images seem to be taken from his recent Men's Health photo shoot (which did not feature on the blog because we weren't quite sure we liked it!)

Still if you love all things Beckham you can order the calendar from


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At 11:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The armani ads are better. Ill make my own calendar out of those shots.

At 3:28 pm, Blogger peiyi said...

the first shot really took my breath. but i realised that i wouldnt really like to put that kind of pictures on my wall. haha those shots made him look like a real complicated man.
it didnt quite portray him well. where's the football, charming smile, solemn side of him?

At 1:58 am, Anonymous jeff said...

the pictures are good. they're imploring that hard-urban-underground boxer theme that seems to be popular right now (i.e. madonna's hard candy tour book). he kinda looks like guy ritchie when he's wearing the hat. but i agree with peiyi, the pictures don't portray his lovable compassionate side.

on a side note, those are dvb jeans he's wearing ;)

At 4:47 pm, Blogger peiyi said...

not sure if you guys rmb, i'm from Singapore and now we're having the F1 grand prix here.
i heard that beck's in singapore for the grand prix too. so near yet so far!


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