Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beckham's Milan move stalls over £500k wage bill

AC Milan and the Los Angeles Galaxy are at loggerheads about David Beckham's proposed loan to the Italian club.

The Galaxy want Milan to pay Beckham's Major League Soccer salary for the two months he will spend with them - about £500,000.

MLS commissioner Don Garber said: "You can tell that I'm frustrated. There's been incredible noise and, when it comes to David Beckham, incredible excitement.

"People don't understand what’s going on here. He is not being transferred and the stories that he is not going to come back are ridiculous.

"We have loaned players out in the past during the off-season many times. It's part of the game. Milan want him for two months because they know it's better than not having him at all.

"But we're only willing to do it if it’s on our terms and if it's satisfactory to the Galaxy. If not, it won't be approved by us."

Garber refused to discuss the financial details but added: "It seems to me that David should be applauded.

"If he believes it's better for him to go and train as opposed to going on vacation with his family, we will be supportive. This is about him being match fit for the national team and fully fit for the Galaxy."

Soirce: Daily Mail

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