Sunday, March 08, 2009

Beckham happy with AC Milan deal

David Beckham has hailed his special dual contract with AC Milan and LA Galaxy as a "dream deal".

The 33-year-old former England captain confirmed he would stay on loan at Milan until the end of the season before returning to the United States.

Beckham said: "I'm really grateful to the LA Galaxy and AC Milan for making this dream deal happen."

He will continue to develop the game in the United States saying: "This is something I am passionate about."

Beckham was scheduled to return to Galaxy on 9 March, but wanted to make a permanent move to the San Siro.

However the so-called timeshare deal means he will play for both.

Details on whether he will come back to Milan at the end of the Major League Soccer season in November are yet to be finalised but it is expected he will return to Italy, either in another loan deal or a full transfer.

Beckham is believed to have agreed a salary cut to ensure the move goes ahead.

He confirmed his family would remain in Los Angeles during his time in Italy, which is set to end on 30 June.

"My family is happy and settled and will remain in LA. The perfect result for 2009 would be for me to help Milan to reach the Champions League and for the LA Galaxy to make the play-offs and win the MLS Cup," he added.

The Englishman, who signed a five-year deal with Galaxy in January 2007, moved to Milan in January to stay fit during the MLS off-season and so maintain his bid for an England place.

But Milan have been so impressed with the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star that they moved to keep him for longer.

Beckham has scored two goals in nine Serie A games during his time with Milan.

The deal follows weeks of negotiations between the two clubs during which Milan baulked at the size of the transfer fee Galaxy were demanding - thought to be around £12m.

Beckham's desire to play for a top club in order to cement his place in the England squad for the 2010 World Cup finals led to him effectively funding the unique loan deal himself.

Source: BBCi

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